Detox 2015 – The 5 things you need to know this year to look and feel great


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So here’s 2015 – and I’m betting you couldn’t avoid over-indulging over the party season, right? Lots of puddings and other treats, alcohol, massive portions of everything and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for physical activity.

Paying for it now? How do you get back on track, ASAP? Don’t worry, here are the 5 top tips to get you back shipshape.


1) Get your filtered water in!


[photo pouring water]

You need at least 1 litre on an average day to flush the system through, more if you’re on a restriction diet. For your detox, make this 2 litres. 8 glasses a day. I won’t go into the whys and wherefores of the benefits of water, it’s been done to death, and you can follow it up in this excellent article But there is an important issue that you may not have considered, and it is that if you are drinking hard water, you are are filling up on loads of residue and contaminants that are being absorbed directly into your system. It’s doing you no good and will ruin your detox if you are simply ‘re-toxing’ with other stuff. You don’t need any specialist equipment to test your tap water either – just pour a few teaspoons into a clear glass, leave it out overnight and have a look at what’s left at the bottom of the glass once the water has evaporated. If there’s a whole load of chalky residue that you need to scrape off, then that’s hard water. Unfortunately, what you see is the remnants of a few teaspoons, now imagine you drank a whole glass of that. Now 8 glasses, the recommended amount for effective detox. Best advice – get a filter jug and drink your fill from there.
2) Goji berries are the go-to anti-oxidant superfruit of the year.


[photo goji berries]

They are full of beta-carotene vitamin C which help promote healthy skin and improve iron absorption, so if you anaemic you’re in luck here too! Plus they are high in fibre and low in calories so it’s all good. Can be eaten raw or mixed in with other foods. I recommend make into a berry smoothie. Yum.
3) Cardio is king.

[photo woman doing situps]


You can’t ignore it. If you want to boost your immune system and force out those lurking poisons, you’ve got to get the blood flowing. All the gyms are doing new year discount packages so the weather should be no excuse. 30 minutes should be the minimum, but most importantly, you need to eat carbs no less than 2 hours before (otherwise you have no fuel for your muscles), and protein as soon after your session as possible to repair those muscles. Ignore this basic rule, and you cannot get anywhere the levels of calorie burning needed to get that waistline back down. Your body is a temple. Do you want others to worship it? Then start doing so yourself! By the way, if the thought of gyms horrify you (I get it, they aren’t everyone’s bag) then here’s a quick tip to get started. Go on youtube and look for the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell, and just do what they’re doing in that video – it’s just 4 minutes, you can definitely do that!
4) Probiotics.

[photo blue bacteria]


Research is growing in this field of examining not which bacteria are good or bad, but how best to balance the body’s bacteria of all types to keep things at an optimum level in the body. Most probiotic supplements include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium so these are the foods to look out for, or one yogurt drink a day has the kind of levels you are looking for. For more notes on this have a look at
5) Finally, 2015 will see a big comeback for caffeine.

[photo woman drinking coffee]


Ongoing research is showing the benefits of caffeine for reducing the risks of neurodegenerative (brain tissue disruption) diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine is also known to boost calorie burn during exercise, increase metabolism to improve chances of weight loss, and there are studies showing benefits for the liver, if taken as a colonic irrigation (admittedly in regard to the last claim, these studies are only in animal models and I cannot locate any human trials that I would classify as good evidence). The other problem is knowing how much is enough or too much, as it is very difficult to know precisely how much coffee is in your cup, even if you use the same source regularly. The current wisdom is 2 cups of tea or coffee per day should do the trick. That doesn’t mean I advise chugging down on lattes though, there’s generally a lot more sugar and cream in those things than I’d recommend.


So what are you waiting for? Now your all clued up, it’s your opportunity to clean your act up for 2015 and get vibrant again. After all, no-one will do it for you!

Wishing you health, energy, and a very happy 2015.

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