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Love the GP life.

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So you want to know about little old me? I’m honoured! Because I’m here to help you realise, above all else, that

‘Life can be amazing. You just got to live it like you MEAN IT!’

That might sound somewhat simplistic and trite. And I’m not here to pretend that it’s easy, because nothing worth having comes easy. Most people live out their lives in a bubble of mediocrity, and it’s a waste. I believe that greatness is available to everyone willing to get out of those many, many bad habits that condemn us to mediocrity. Is greatness something you aspire to? Then read on…

One thing I’ve learned is not to pigeon-hole myself. Therefore, I consider myself an educator, a life enthusiast, a dreamer and an optimist. In between those duties, I’m a father and a husband.

What do I do? I’m a GP, a cosmetician, a speaker. I also run marathons and watch a lot of films.

I’ve devoted my life to the pursuit of helping others feel better. Now I’ve broadened my own definitions of how I can help and provide value to as many people as ┬ácan, be they my family, friends or colleagues.

What you read in these pages are my own subjective opinion and I love to hear what other people think. If I have helped even one person see a new perspective on old themes, then I’ll be more than happy. Opinions shape ideas, and ideas change the world. The more opinions gathered, and the more informed the opinions, the better to form the greatest ideas.

I reside in Wales in the UK. I urge anyone and everyone to visit our little country. The mining industry may be gone, but we punch above our weight in great TV productions, dramatic landscapes, and at the time of writing, the most expensive football player on the planet is from Wales.

So, enough about me. I want to help you. And anything that moves you a step closer to having the quality of life you deserve, that’s got to be worth a few minutes of your time reading a blog post. If it didn’t, at least you learn a bit about what a GP/cosmetician/speaker thinks about in their spare time.

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